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    Mineral Salts can be used in various ways in food. They can be used both as functional additive and as nutrient for fortification. The Mineral Salts have to comply with stringent food regulations.

    Minerals Salts for Fortification

    Minerals used for the fortification of food are there to benefit health. Their purpose is to give consumers the opportunity to eat healthily with their choice of food, and to make the conscious decision to obtain certain Minerals. One Mineral that has been widely used around the world for a long time to fortify foods is Iron, which various governments have introduced in state-sponsored programs to reduce iron deficiency anemia in their population.

    We offer various types of Mineral Salts for different food applications. We produce trace elements, which are only required in minute quantities (e.g. Selenium, Chromium and Iodine) as triturations, to ensure safe handling and precise dosage. In these mixtures, the trace element is present in dilute form in an inert carrier substance.

    Unlike vitamins, which can react very sensitively to temperature and other process parameters during processing, Minerals are in principle extremely stable during food production.


    Additives perform their function during the production or storage of a food. For example, additives can be used to preserve food, regulate acidity or function as raising agent. The oldest "additive" to be used by mankind in the processing of food is table salt. It extends the shelf life of food and also creates flavor.

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