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    Mineral Salts are commonly used as functional ingredients in various application areas of the cosmetic industry. These areas are i.e.:

    • Skin care
    • Oral care
    • Hair care
    • Deodorants
    • Nutricosmetics

    Due to their various functions, Mineral Salts are indispensable in a wide variety of cosmetic products. In creams, for example, they can increase viscosity, cause cloudiness or act as buffers. But they can also remineralize teeth, reduce unpleasant odors, reduce perspiration, add volume to hair or soothe the skin.

    In addition, Minerals support "beauty from within" and are used as so-called nutricosmetics or cosmetic dietary supplements to provide the human body with the nutrients necessary for a healthy appearance.

    Many raw materials in our products come from natural sources and can be used in natural cosmetics. However, our Mineral Salts have the advantage over natural products due to their higher degree of purity and consistently high quality, without fluctuations that are unavoidable in materials from nature.

    Certification and documentation


    Our Mineral Salts comply with the European legislation on ingredients - Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 - for the cosmetic industry and are or do:

    • Synthetic origin
    • NOT on the list of forbidden substances
    • NOT been tested on animals
    • NOT contain additives and CMR substances of any kind
    • NOT obtained through nanotechnology
    • NOT derived from and do NOT contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
    • REACH registered or pre-registered


    • Specific certificates are available on request
    • ISO 16128 – Guidance on definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products (NOI index) – product specific confirmation is available on request
    • ISO 17516 – standard for microbiological limits – confirmation is included in our cosmetics specification
    • Provision of all relevant data for the customer to self-register:
      • CSAR (Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation)
      • COSMOS

    For more information on certifications and documentation of our Mineral Salts for cosmetics and body care, please visit regulatory affairs.

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