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    Numerous promising concepts exist for the enrichment of beverages with Minerals. For manufacturers, the attractive mineral-enriched drinks market is based on two pillars:

    Firstly, enriched drinks are finding increasing acceptance among consumers; secondly, the Health Claims Regulation published in 2012 and valid throughout the EU provides a sound basis for promoting these end products.

    Our "Sport & Isotonic", "Wellness-Immune" and "Energy" premixes for the enrichment of drinks are based on the Health Claims Regulation. In addition, we offer special premixes for the enrichment of orange juice and near-water products.

    Special requirements for Mineral Salts used to enrich beverages are, in particular, solubility, a high Mineral content and a pleasant taste. Furthermore, the reactivity of a Salt is also an important factor to prevent undesirable reactions, such as alterations in taste, discoloration or precipitation in the end product.

    We offer a broad portfolio of Mineral Salts that satisfy these requirements. In our development laboratories, we are able to create individual concepts and product solutions enabling the enrichment of a variety of different drinks. In addition to juices and juice drinks, teas, carbonated drinks, water and near-water beverages are all suitable for mineral enrichment. Instant drink powders are another attractive option in this matter.

    We develop and produce individual Mineral compounds on request.

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