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    Food and food ingredients are very sensitive products. They have to be protected against several physical influences like heat, moisture or light as well as against undesired interactions of ingredients. Microencapsulation can help to avoid negative effects by protecting the core material from the surrounding environment.

    Our microencapsulated Mineral Salts are separated from their environment at particle level by a capsule made of vegetable fat. The technique of microencapsulation is used to mask the unpleasant original taste of a Mineral Salt used in food and nutritional supplements. In addition, it minimizes possible interactions between the Mineral Salt and the product.

    The fat shell of the core-shell particle is gastric juice-resistant. The microencapsulated products are therefore particularly well tolerated. The encapsulation is broken down enzymatically in the further process of digestion, the Minerals are released and can be absorbed by the body.

    Microencapsulated Mineral Salts from Dr. Paul Lohmann
    Microencapsulated Mineral Salts for nutritional supplements from Dr. Paul Lohmann

    Materials for the microencapsulation of Mineral Salts

    We use the following products for the microencapsulation of our Mineral Salts

    • Non-hydrogenated palm oil
    • Hydrogenated palm oil
    • Hydrogenated rapeseed oil
    • Hydrogenated sunflower oil

    Advantages of microencapsulated Minerals

    • Prevention of interactions with other ingredients
    • Excellent taste masking properties
    • No irritation of the digestive system
    • Improved stability of final product during processing, transport and storage
    • Improved flowability and dosing, less dust formation
    • Similar bioavailability compared to non-encapsulated Minerals

    Advantages of micronized and microencapsulated Mineral Salts

    Micronized minerals can also be encapsulated. These products have improved dispersion properties and optimum bioavailability.

    • Smaller particle size (d90: approx. 300 µm)
    • Enlarged specific surface
    • Improved functionality
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