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  • Flowability Excellence With LomaFlow Anti-Caking Agents

    Create safe and user-friendly final products

    The use of silicon dioxide (SiO2) is of critical health concern across different applications. Our mineral-based portfolio of anti-caking agents is set to transform your final products by replacing silicon dioxide and simultaneously enhancing flowability and providing strong anti-caking properties. Protect consumer health with safe and sustainable products.

    The LomaFlow product range includes a comprehensive variety of mineral-based products, including Magnesium and Calcium Salts. These meticulously crafted solutions are designed to (re)formulate a wide spectrum of products, catering food and nutritional supplements. Whether you're working on table salt, colorants, supplements, or spices, LomaFlow guarantees you optimum product performance and maximum consumer happiness.

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    Improve formulations today to stay competitive tomorrow!

    Customized solutions and individual support are our strengths. With the LomaFlow Mineral Salts we work out reformulations right through to new developments directly with you and assist to get your product consumer ready.

    Your Sustainable choice
    In today's world, where health and environmental concerns are at the forefront, LomaFlow stands out as a sustainable choice. Our LomaFlow portfolio is silica-free, contributing to safer and environmentally responsible formulations.

    LomaFlow Product Range


    Uncertain in finding the right reformulation? Individual support and customized solutions and  are our strengths. With LomaFlow we work out reformulations to shorten your valuable time for joint new developments. Contact us!


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    Benefits of LomaFlow
    Improved product features
    Easy handling and dosing
    Consumer Compliance

    Rely on the unique product morphology of our product range. By using LomaFlow you get a homogeneous, free-flowing end product. You profit from easy handling and dosing and your product features a high consumer acceptance. 

    Application Examples

    • Supplements and pre-workout formulas
    • Powders for capsules / tablets
    • Powdered drink mixes / instant powders
    • Protein powders
    • Colorant powders
    • Table salt
    • Spice blends
    • Mixed coffee beverages
    • Milk / cream powders
    • Flour-based mixes
    • Grated cheese

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