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    For Dr. Paul Lohmann®, the key to innovation is understanding the customer's application.

    Every user of Mineral Salts has his own individual requirements for the product, starting with delivery (packaging, storage stability), processing (miscibility, flowability, dustiness) and ending with the behavior in the end product (solubility, density, interaction with other ingredients, bioavailability, etc.).

    First of all, customer support starts with our own understanding of our Mineral Salts. Only if we understand which processes and properties lead to certain behaviors and appearances of our products we can control these in a target-oriented way to find special, customer-oriented solutions. We are interested in fundamental parameters such as crystal structure, morphology and surface properties, to name just a few.

    The resulting physical properties of the products, which can define their behavior in various customer applications, are examined in more detail by determining dust behavior, flow properties and numerous other parameters. 

    A further, often underestimated possibility of influencing the suitability of our Mineral Salts for special customer applications is product modification. Chemical optimization, for example, involves increasing purity through optimized manufacturing processes and careful raw material qualification, but also adjusting the pH-value or chemical composition. This allows the right product to be manufactured for a certain application.

    Purity is tested with high-precision measuring equipment, which also enables continuous monitoring of processes and constant qualities.

    In addition, we emphasize the understanding of the behavior of our Salts in customer applications ourselves. To this end, our application technology department is always busy working out application examples for a wide variety of sales areas and using its own resources to gain experience that can help customers solve their own comparable problems. 

    The spectrum of our expertise on applications ranges from food processing (e.g. fortification of flour, ice cream, and numerous other foodstuffs) and tableting (with our own tablet press) to industrial applications such as plaster and screed compounds. For many very special applications, we also regularly use our contacts to numerous external partners, such as universities and institutes. 

    Last but not least, our customers benefit not only from high-quality Mineral Salts, outstanding analytics and application technology, but also from complete and solid documentation for our customers and authorities. Over the decades, we have continued to expand our regulatory affairs department and expertise to meet the ever-increasing regulatory needs of our customers.  

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