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    Iron Salts for food, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications from the manufacturer Dr. Paul Lohmann®

    Dietary supplements containing Iron were the first products to be manufactured by company founder Dr. Paul Lohmann at the turn of the 20th century. The base material used was Iron powder, which was obtained by the process of reducing Iron Oxide with hydrogen. Back then, "Ferrum Oxydatum cum Saccharo" (Iron Sugar) and Iron Peptonate, for example, were available from pharmacies in the form of powdery Iron Salts, tablets or juice. 

    Still, one of our core competence is the production of Iron Salts in a huge variety of product grades and purities for food fortification, infant formula, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, industrial applications and many other products.

    We produce our Salts in accordance with various pharmacopeias. For the treatment of iron deficiency anemia we offer various Iron Salts in appropriate pharmaceutical grades. 

    For the particularly complex nutritional supplement market, we offer Iron Salts with outstanding bioavailability in a wide range of different forms. Products that are soluble, microencapsulated or products that can be directly pressed in tablets offer manufacturers diverse options for responding to their consumers' needs.

    Iron fortification of foods and beverages has always been a challenge. Some Iron Salts cause change of color and taste of foods and also bioavailability varies. Iron fortification is a special focus of our work. Our portfolio comprises more than 40 Iron Salts which can be used in various applications. Depending on the application, Ferrous Gluconate, Ferrous Lactate, Ferrous Sulfate or Ferrous Bisglycinate, for example, with its particularly high bioavailability, are attractive ingredients in this area. Our Iron Pyrophosphate is used worldwide to fortify various staple foods. Where people are not able to take in enough trace elements such as Iron, this counteracts "hidden hunger" and serious health damage caused by a deficiency of this micronutrient.

    Iron Salts from Dr. Paul Lohmann

    Our Iron Salts are also used for industrial applications, e.g. as a water-soluble, environmentally friendly scavenger for hydrogen sulfide in acidic or alkaline environments, for the reduction of impurities and contaminants in water by special purification formulations, and in surface treatment applications for the formulation of electroplating systems without chromates as well as high-purity metal source. Ferrous Sulfate is used on the one hand for the pre-treatment of aluminum in aircraft and vehicle construction prior to painting, and on the other hand for the reduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) in construction industry. Iron Phosphate is used in natural pest control and in the production of electrode material for lithium accumulators.

    Discover more exciting industrial applications of our Iron range in the product section of our industrial brand Lohtragon®

    The matrix below provides an overview of our Iron Salts.
    Pharma general Biopharma general Nutritional Supplements Food general Industrial Applications
    Ferric Ammonium Citrate, brown
    Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Green
    Ferric Ammonium Oxalate 3-hydrate
    Ferric Ammonium Sulfate 12-hydrate
    Ferric Polymaltose Complex
    Iron, Carbonyl
    Iron, electrolytic
    Iron, Reduced
    Ferrous Ascorbate
    Ferric Oxide Hydrate
    Ferrous Carbonate Saccharated
    Ferric Ammonium Citrate, solution
    Ferric Choline Citrate
    Ferric Citrate
    Ferrous Citrate
    Ferrous Sodium Citrate
    Ferrous Fumarate
    Ferrous Fumarate DC 90S
    Ferrous Fumarate, microencapsulated
    Ferrous Gluconate
    Ferric Glycerophosphate
    Ferrous bisglycinate
    Ferrous Bisglycinate DC 100
    Ferrous Lactate
    Ferric Nitrate 9-hydrate
    Ferrous Oxalate 2-hydrate
    Ferric Phosphate
    Ferrous phosphate Iron phosphate
    Iron Phosphate
    Ferric Pyrophosphate
    Ferric Pyrophosphate Soluble
    Ferric Pyrophosphate, matrix encapsulated
    Ferric Pyrophosphate, Micro2
    Ferric Pyrophosphate,approx.25% Fe
    Ferric Sodium Pyrophosphate
    Ferric Saccharate
    Ferric Saccharate Solution
    Ferrous Succinate
    Ammonium Iron(II) Sulfate 6-hydrate
    Ferric Subsulfate 10-hydrate
    Ferric Subsulfate Solution
    Ferric Sulfate
    Ferrous glycine sulfate
    Ferrous Sulfate 7-Hydrate
    Ferrous Sulfate 7-Hydrate, solution
    Ferrous Sulfate, Dried
    Ferrous Sulfate, dried, Micro2
    Ferrous Sulfate, dried, microencapsulated
    Ferric Tartrate 1-hydrate
    Ferric Manganese Citrate
    Ferric Phosphate Soluble
    Ferric Sodium Citrate
    Ferric Sodium Citrate Solution
    Ferric Sodium Edetate(Sodium Feredetate)
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