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    Since four generations, Dr. Paul Lohmann® has been firmly rooted in the Hameln-Pyrmont district and in Lueneburg.

    • Our production facilities are located in Emmerthal near the Weserbergland Nature Park and in Lueneburg near the river Elbe
    • Our qualified employees are the basis for our high-quality products
    • Our Mineral Salts serve the well-being of humans and animals
    Eco-social sustainability at Dr. Paul Lohmann

    Based on this initial scenario, the assumption of eco-social responsibility has always been an integral part of our entrepreneurial activities and the basis for our long-term success. In response to the diverse regional, national and global requirements, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has developed into an essential cornerstone. For us, CSR is the signpost in terms of a respectful dealing with our employees, in exchanges with our customers and suppliers, and in the sustainable protection of our sole and unique natural environment. Continuity and the implementation of sustainable goals are more important to us than short-term success.

    In conjunction with our partnership in the global Responsible Care initiative and our membership in the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex), the CSR Compass is our future-oriented response to today's environmental and social challenges.

    In addition, we take into account the fundamental principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO). We are committed to law-abidance and respect internationally recognized human rights along the entire value chain.

    The proven management standards with sustainability relevance ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 provide the process framework. The requirements of the EcoVadis evaluation platform have also been incorporated into our sustainability orientation in the course of development. In 2021 and 2022, we were awarded with the EcoVadis Gold status. Due to the ever-increasing importance of sustainability, we have critically examined our sustainability efforts and voluntarily submitted and published our sustainability report via the GSC (German Sustainability Code) database - an independent and internationally recognized standard.


    Our sustainability strategy: continuous Investment in Processes for greater eco-social sustainability

    The CSR Compass is integrated into our corporate strategy and forms part of our management handbook. This provides the binding framework. Continuous process optimization as an implementing tool for greater efficiency and more careful use of resources, active environmental protection and energy management, modern comprehensive occupational health and safety management, and foresighted HR management are the answer to the essential sustainability requirements of our time.

    "It is an incentive and commitment to responsibly take care of the natural resources and to actively contribute to preserving our environment.
    We rely on the active support of all of our employees and partners for the consistent protection of the environment."

    Managing Partner Jürgen Lohmann


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