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    With DC granules, Dr. Paul Lohmann® manufactures a product line that is ideally suited for direct tableting for pharmaceutical applications and food supplements.

    These directly compressible granules based on Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc Salts simplify tablet production thanks to their special properties, such as improved flowability and reduced dust formation. Decreased energy, labor, and capital costs as well as the increase in overall product stability are just some of the other benefits.

    Benefits of DC Granules

    • Excellent tableting properties
    • Improved flowability
    • Decrease dust generation
    • Lower costs, faster processing
    : DC Granules for tableting from Dr. Paul Lohmann
    DC Granules in tablet from Dr. Paul Lohmann

    In wet granulation, physically solid and larger granules are formed from fine or coarse powders by adding a granulating liquid (water with or without binder). Proven binders for granules with good flowability and good printing properties are maltodextrin (M), corn starch (S), polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) (P), citric acid (CA) and gum arabic (GA).

    Modification of DC Granules by usage of micronized raw materials offers further advantages

    • Combination of micronization and granulation
    • Neutral taste
    • No sandiness, great mouthfeel
    • Good flowability
    • Good compression properties

    Recommended for the following applications / dosage forms

    • Tablets
    • Chewing tablets
    • Chewing gums
    • Effervescent tablets
    • Coated tablets
    • Sachets
    • Capsules
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