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    From Mineral Salt to application.

    Application technology is an important interface between a company and its customers. With our application technology, we support our customers with innovative solutions for the optimal use of Mineral Salts. We work practice-oriented and with a professionally equipped application kitchen. Therefore, we are able to observe the behavior of our Mineral Salts during processing very closely, and control the relevant processes to achieve the optimum result.

    In the field of nutritional supplements our Salts can be tested in various dosage forms. Among other things, there is the possibility of tableting.

    We have developed prototype formulations for diverse nutritional supplement, food and cosmetic applications, which give our customers new inspiration and suitability for the use of Minerals in various final applications.

    Our expertise and competence cover various industries:


    • Tableting
    • Release tests
    • Slow-release-technology
    • Products for fast-melt-sticks


    • Use in mouthwash
    • Use in toothpaste
    • Use in mouth sprays
    • Use in o/w emulsion
    • Use in deodorants/antiperspirants
    • Use in nutricosmetics
    • Use in lozenges

    Industrial applications

    • Setting behavior of cement formulations for the optimum hardening performance of plaster and screed compounds by ultrasonic testing equipment
    • Potentiostatic corrosion resistance tests for determination and improvement of the corrosion behavior of metallic materials by addition of corrosion inhibitors

    Nutritional supplements

    • Use in effervescent tablets
    • Use in powder for direct consumption
    • Use in instant powder for consumption in liquid form
    • Use in lozenges


    • Sensoric panel
    • Mineral fortification of beverages
    • Use in confectionery
    • Use in baked goods
    • Mineral Salts in cold cuts
    • Fortification of dairy products
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