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    We see our employees as a strategically vital factor in our company's success.

    That's why we offer you more than a job: morale surveys allow us to understand the mood in the company and initiate the necessary action for further development. The employee magazine "inForm" provides information on new colleagues, business developments and products. Investment in common rooms, a new cafeteria and new office building in recent years are an important contribution to our good business climate.

    Working at Dr. Paul Lohmann®

    By deciding to apply for an apprenticeship or job at Dr. Paul Lohmann® in tune with your own skills and desires, you have chosen to work in a secure but dynamic and international environment.

    Corporate culture at Dr. Paul Lohmann

    Dr. Paul Lohmann® has grown considerably since its foundation in 1886, not least because of the innovations it has developed and the global challenges of the international markets. We maintain our own sales offices in Singapore, New York, Lieusaint and Eindhoven, and oversee our activities around the world from these sites. We have a scientific team in Bratislava. Worldwide, our workforce has grown in recent years from 338 in 2003 to 650 by the end of 2022.

    This positive development of our company is realized and supported by a social and results-oriented business culture. In essence, for us this means working reliably and with commitment, ensuring our actions are sustainable. Whether you are an apprentice or an experienced professional, you will have the opportunity to take on responsibility on your very first day at Dr. Paul Lohmann®. Induction into our work routines and day-to-day operations takes place on the job in a competent team. Our employees are both encouraged and challenged not just by remuneration at a high level (collective agreement IGBCE), but also by a performance- and results-based pay system at management and specialist level.

    Interns as well as high school and college students also have the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into our company. We also promote new, young talent by offering scholarships in collaboration with the Münster University of Applied Sciences. For us behaving and acting in an environmentally compatible way is also an ongoing subject influencing the actions of each employee. The obligations the company feels in this respect are enshrined in our guiding principles. In line with this thinking is our purchase of energy from a biogas plant, operation of a sewage plant to treat our waste water and the use of waste heat from production for internal heating.

    "The core values of our Human Resources always center on thoughts of sustainability:
    We want to offer our employees long-term, lasting prospects with high job security.
    We want to provide targeted support for your development in our company.
    We enable high-potential employees to develop further in-house, and want to offer you new career options based on your qualifications.

    Last but not least, this gives our employees' innovative spirit the best possible encouragement and opportunity for use in developing, producing and promotion our products."

    Managing director Torsten Cuno

    Our employees – committed, competent, innovative

    Acting on your initiative, taking responsibility and enjoying your work lay the best foundations for our company's success. The development of new products and fulfillment of special customer requirements, the resolution of individual problems and a comprehensive focus on customers require motivated and committed employees who aspire to these goals and reliably achieve them. For recruitment, here at Dr. Paul Lohmann® we greatly value enthusiastic applicants with a thirst for knowledge, whom we can provide with continuous support in their work. We do this through individually adapted in-house and external measures to help them on their chosen career path. We also provide keen employees with further qualifications based on needs.

    High School Students and Apprentices

    Career choice is more than just job-hunting – an apprenticeship at Dr. Paul Lohmann® is an excellent step into a secure professional future with interesting prospects and a high probability of employment after graduation. This has not just been demonstrated in the past but is also true today – right now many former apprentices continue to contribute to our company's success with their sound knowledge, experience and ability.

    You too can become one of a community of 57 young apprentices who are currently in training at our company and our sister company W. Neudorff GmbH KG at the Emmerthal and Lueneburg sites.
    At our company you can expect a varied range of activities, diverse challenges and an ideal environment for your professional and personal development.
    We offer various means of getting on board and great development prospects, with apprenticeships ending with an accredited certificate in industrial management, as a chemical lab assistant or chemical technician, or you can even combine your training with a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree.

    We feel we have an obligation to develop our young staff – which is why you have an excellent chance of being taken on after successful completion of your apprenticeship. We are proud to say that so far, when there is interest on both sides, we have been able to make a job offer to every apprentice who has completed their training.

    Our partnerships with schools and our membership with the Weserbergland College in Hamelin enable us to maintain good contacts with schools and training institutes in the region, and to help shape the apprenticeships of tomorrow.

    Are you interested in doing an accredited apprenticeship in a future-oriented sector? Then try out an internship while you are at school to get your professional bearings, or apply right now for an apprenticeship at Dr. Paul Lohmann®.

    Apprenticeship portal

    Get to know what might become your dream job! Make the most of in-company training or a voluntary high school internship to gain some initial practical experience in the professional world. Based on your aptitude and our own capacities, we may provide you with just this opportunity. High school internships are possible in our commercial divisions, as well as our technical and scientific divisions, such as production, laboratory and quality assurance. Just get in touch! We will be happy to advise you.

    College Students and Graduates

    We can offer college students and graduates various ways of joining our company during or after completion of their studies. Find out more about internships, our scholarship, assistance with your thesis, or direct entry into the company.

    Experienced Professionals

    You have a few years of professional experience under your belt and would like to broaden your career horizons? Whether as a skilled worker or manager – we can offer you a range of challenging tasks in a social and results-oriented environment in which you can flourish.
    We are particularly on the lookout for the following in the fields production, technical and scientific research, management and commercial administration:

    • Skilled production workers (chemical technicians,…)
    • Skilled workers and specialists for the lab and R & D division (chemical lab assistants, chemical engineers, chemists, food chemists or food production engineers,…)
    • Skilled workers and specialists for the commercial division with various levels of responsibility
    • Managers

    We want to continue growing and forging ahead with innovations in the future.

    Does this appeal to you, and would you like to contribute to this development?

    Then take a look at our Job Offers to see which positions are currently available, or send us your speculative application!


    Career at Dr. Paul Lohmann®

    Career at Dr. Paul Lohmann
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