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  • Iron and Zinc: New Scientific Review shows true Extent of global Micronutient Deficiency
  • Iron and Zinc: New Scientific Review shows true Extent of global Micronutient Deficiency

    Intriguing and breathtaking findings

    After the only existing estimate of the global prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies is from over 30 years ago, this new review reveals that the prevalence of deficiency in Iron and Zinc is more widespread than we originally feared. The experts estimate that over half of preschool-aged children and two-thirds of non-pregnant women of reproductive age worldwide have a micronutrient deficiency.


    High prevalence of Iron and Zinc deficiency in USA and UK

    Researchers found that an alarming extend of at least 20 % of pre-school children and non-pregnant women of reproductive age have a deficiency in Iron and Zinc. Apparently, malnutrition does not care where you are from or whether you are rich or poor, because the review shows that even in developed countries deficiencies are widespread: Iron deficiency among young women was 22 % in USA and 21 % in UK. Zinc deficiency was 14 % in USA and 10 % in UK among young women and at least 10 % of the children were deficient in zinc in all countries studied.

    Iron and Zinc are precious in our daily nutrition

    Both Iron and Zinc are essential Minerals, meaning that they are vital for virtually all organisms. 
    In addition to the fundamental role in energy production, we need Iron to produce the red blood cells and oxygen-carrying hemoglobin needed to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. In fact, Iron is also involved in DNA synthesis and takes part in physiological brain development and immune function. 
    Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential and of great importance for physical and mental health. An adequate Zinc intake is necessary for a healthy immune system, healing damaged tissue, blood clotting and thyroid function, among other things. Since the body neither produces nor stores Zinc itself, a constant supply through diet or nutritional supplements is essential for well-being.
    Adolescent girls and women of reproductive age (aged 15–49 years), pregnant and lactating women, as well as young children are particularly susceptible to the effects of micronutrient malnutrition due to high requirements.

    The consequences of malnutrition are potentially serious

    Micronutrient deficiencies can result in significant health and development problems like

    • compromised immune system
    • constrained physical and cognitive development in children
    • reduced educational outcomes
    • increased risk of diabetes and heart disease
    • limitations on human potential

    Three ways to tackle micronutrient deficiencies

    The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the Micronutrient Forum (MNF) identify three measures to address widespread micronutrient deficiencies:

    • Fortification of popular foods with essential Minerals 
    • Biofortifcation of staple crops to increase micronutrient content
    • Supplementation targeting pregnant women and young children

    These measures have been shown to reduce the burden of maternal and child morbidity, impaired neurocognitive development, and mortality.

    Let’s act now – and change the lives of millions, worldwide, with a focused fortification and supplementation of precious metals – Iron and Zinc

    In order to prevent deficiency in Iron or Zinc, Dr. Paul Lohmann® developed a wide range of high value Iron and Zinc Salts. The product portfolio is steadily expanded with new products for the fortification of foods, food supplements as well as for oral pharmaceutical applications. Well-tested products are improved and adopted to specific needs and applications.

    Chemical and physical product modification makes the difference!

    A product variation in solubility, bioavailability, pH-value, assay and purity can be realized. In addition, physical modifications such as particle size distribution, micronization, microencapsulation and granulation are part of our technological capabilities.

    As leading manufacturer of high purity Mineral Salts we are striving to provide innovative products and application developments in close cooperation with our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or sample requests.




    Micronutrient deficiencies among preschool-aged children and women of reproductive age worldwide: a pooled analysis of individual-level data from population-representative surveys. Stevens, Gretchen AAddo, O Yaw et al. The Lancet Global Health, Volume 10, Issue 11, e1590 - e1599. https://doi.org/10.1016/S2214-109X(22)00367-9

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