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    A recent consumer survey reports that 75 % of adults take dietary supplements on a daily basis. Especially dietary supplements containing vitamins and Minerals are widely used. However, consumers increasingly want more convenient dosage forms. The fortification of gummy supplements fills a gap of a market traditionally dominated by tablets and capsules.

    The leading trend for convenient supplements like nutritional gummies offers brands to bring innovation into their product range. With health claim approved Mineral Salts, nutritional gummies can offer concepts customized for a broad audience including all age groups (teens, adults, seniors). Within those groups gummy supplements with Minerals will enable concepts for a day-to-day health (to maintain or improve overall health, or to replace lost nutrients due to diet, age or a health condition) as well as for specific purposes (e.g. sports nutrition, brain health, beauty from within).

    As Minerals play an important role in the maintenance of health, they are one of the core ingredients for nutritional gummies. To deliver effectively on taste and nutrition, advanced ingredient technologies, e.g. micronization to reduce the particle size as well as the right choice of the Mineral Salt (organic/inorganic depending on the gummy matrix), are mandatory to overcome sensory challenges in gummy supplements.

    When formulating gummies, to ensure a product is effective and appealing, it is important to choose the right ingredients. Dr. Paul Lohmann® is in a prime position to fully support the food supplement industry as manufacturer of the broadest available portfolio of high value Minerals. For more than 135 years we have been passionate for quality, product design and are dedicated to develop novel solutions for major unmet customer needs. Over the years, the search for better ways for producing and improving Mineral Salts has resulted in a steady stream of pioneered Mineral products.

    Formulation innovation – Newly developed Minerals for dietary gummies

    Our Zinc L-Ascorbate is a great source of Zinc and vitamin C and can be incorporated in dietary gummies without compromising taste. In addition, Calcium Malate and Magnesium Malate are also excellent for enriching gummy supplements. They have a well-rounded fruity-sour flavor profile and actually enhance the flavor profile of Calcium/Magnesium gummies while maintaining the same texture. A highly advanced micronizing process makes our Ferric Pyrophosphate Ultrafine easy to incorporate Iron in the gummy matrix without a sandy mouthfeel or sedimentation.


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    Better-for-you Vegan Gummies – Minerals for a Nutritional Treat

    A multitude of our Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Iron Salts are suitable for the production of vegan gummies.
    Find out more about suitable Mineral Salts in our Info Folder Vegan Gummies.



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