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  • Disodium Succinate 6-hydrate – The Multi-talented Mineral Salt

    The Dr. Paul Lohmann® competence in manufacturing various high purity grades of the Sodium Salt of Succinic Acid leads to manifold opportunities in industry segments like pharma, food and industrial application.


    Disodium Succinate 6-hydrate is the sodium salt of succinic acid/succinyl acid. According to Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008 on flavorings, it is permitted for the use in foods as flavoring agent. It is suitable for savory foods like seasoning, vinegar, sauce, instant noodles, as well as sausages or fish products.


    As a component of cell culture media, Disodium Succinate 6-hydrate is used in BioProcessing, especially in biopharmaceutical drug production. It is also used in fermentation processes in the food sector - for example, in the production of cultured meat. It serves as a carbon source and thus as an energy supplier, stimulates cell growth and regulates the pH value.


    In pharmacy, Disodium Succinate 6-hydrate is used as a pH regulator and stabilizer, especially for stabilizing proteins. Since succinate buffers as excipients cause less pain at the injection site, they are used for the formulation of vaccines and biologics such as therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

    Industrial Applications

    Lohtragon® B45 is your Disodium Succinate 6-hydrate for Industrial Applications. It is specifically adapted to meet the requirements of various industrial applications. The Disodium Succinate 6-hydrate version comes as chemically pure crystals and is also available as aqueous solution.

    • Crystallization modifier: Production of alpha gypsum
    • Nucleating agent: Polymer additive to achieve best possible clarity of plastics
    • Buffer: Stabilizer for electroplating baths e.g. for Nickel plating
    • Corrosion inhibitor: Electroplating baths to prevent pitting
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