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  • Zinc - An Essential Nutrient for Men

    An adequate supply of Zinc is of utmost importance for human health and well-being. As a health promoter Zinc stimulates the immune system and enables good wound healing. It also activates our built-in antioxidant system, which protects our cells from free radicals and thus from oxidative stress.

    In addition, Zinc is involved in the consolidation of memories and is known as a mood enhancer, as it makes us feel calm, stable and relaxed. And since it helps maintain testosterone levels, which leads to increased muscle growth and better sperm quality, Zinc promotes potency and literally masculinity.

    As an expert in the production of Mineral Salts, we offer a wide range of Zinc Salts that are ideal for supplying the human body with Zinc. Thus, Zinc Salts are used as API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) in the pharmaceutical industry and as active ingredient in food supplements and in nutricosmetics.

    Examples of organic Zinc Salts from our portfolio:

    • Zinc L-Ascorbate
    • Zinc L-hydrogen Aspartate
    • Zinc Bisglycinate
    • Zinc Citrate
    • Zinc Lactate
    • Zinc Malate

    With our expertise in the chemical and physical modification of Mineral Salts and our customer-oriented corporate philosophy, we are the ideal partner to turn your ideas into reality.


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