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  • Universally Applicable Calcium Carbonate

    Calcium Carbonate is widely used in food, food supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics due to the inert character and high Calcium content.

    It is used in the food and food supplements industry for the Calcium fortification or as a food additive. Calcium Carbonate has a natural origin and can be used in organic products. In the pharmaceutical industry it acts as an inert filler and coating agent in tablets and capsules and as an opacifier and pH modifier in cosmetic creams and ointments.

    We can improve the functionality of Calcium Carbonate by our particle size engineering and our in-house quality processes and thereby make a good product even better.

    Lowest microbiological parameters are achieved by a sophisticated production process and makes our Calcium Carbonate suitable for the use in products for our most sensitive consumer group: new born babies and young children. For the Chinese Market, products which meet the GB standard are available.

    The particle size is reduced by micronization steps. This fine milled product impresses by its smooth haptic and mouth feeling. No sandiness can be detected and the taste is improved.

    By granulation with different binding agents like gum arabic, maltodextrin, corn starch or PVP we designed granules which are perfectly suitable for tableting and for application form for direct consumption like powder stick packs.

    With the granulation of the micronized Calcium Carbonate we brought the best of two worlds together.

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