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    After many hours of joint work, the time has finally come, Dr. Paul Lohmann® has submitted and published its first sustainability code via the GSC (German Sustainability Code) database.

    Sitting near the Weserbergland Nature Park, community, environment and sustainability has always had an important significance for us.


    But, have you ever ask yourself, what our company is achieving in regards of sustainability?

    • How we optimise processes and develop innovations in our production and products?
    • How we manage our resources and monitories our climate relevant emissions?
    • Which are our objectives and goals for the next years?
    • How satisfied are our employees? What is the company offering them?
    • How are we supporting our community and investing in regional responsibility?

    In order to give an answer to these questions and our customers‘ concerns and be more transparent in what we are doing, we have published the sustainability report. 

    Click here to take a look into our sustainability report.​​​​​​​

    Dr. Paul Lohmann® - we take responsibility.

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