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  • Sodium β-glycerophosphate 5-hydrate source for cell cultivation
  • Our Sodium β-glycerophosphate 5-hydrate – Your Phosphate Source for Cell Cultivation

    We manufacture a high purity Sodium β-glycerophosphate 5-hydrate of exceptional solubility tailored for bioproduction applications.

    Sodium β-glycerophosphate 5-hydrate is produced under strict GMP standards. The production of complex salts requires expertise and experience, and as a manufacturer we have the necessary know-how to produce products of outstanding quality such as our Sodium β-glycerophosphate 5-hydrate. Further, we guarantee levels of α-salt of max. 2 %.


    Elevate your cell culture media development with Sodium β-glycerophosphate 5-hydrate

    This dynamic compound acts as a vital source of phosphate and glycerol, providing essential nutrients to create the perfect environment for optimal cell growth and proliferation and numerous cellular functions. Benefit from its multifaceted role in maintaining osmotic balance, boosting energy metabolism, and improving the buffering capacity of your media. 


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