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  • Iron Zinc and Calcium for vegan and vegetarian nutrition
  • Iron, Zinc and Calcium: Essential for Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition

    The vegetarian and vegan lifestyle has become more and more important in recent years. But this form of nutrition is not without risk. Enriching vegetarian and vegan foods with Minerals can help to minimize the risk of a mineral deficiency.

    Iron, Zinc and Calcium in vegan products

    Animal products often have higher contents of various Minerals. These amounts are difficult to achieve with a purely vegetable diet. 

    For example, it can be difficult for vegans to obtain an adequate supply of Calcium, since they do not consume the main sources of Calcium, milk and dairy products. Calcium is found in many plant-based foods only in low concentrations. The daily requirement of Calcium (1000 mg/day for adults) is therefore difficult to cover. 

    Iron is present in plant foods as Fe3+, which is difficult to absorb. In contrast, Iron is more easily absorbed by the body as Fe2+ from meat. The same applies to Zinc, which can be better absorbed from animal products such as meat or fish.

    In addition, besides the low mineral content, the absorption of Minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Zinc is also inhibited by various components of plant foods, for example by dietary fibres, oxalic acid or phytic acid.

    Fortifying vegan foods with Mineral Salts 

    Vegetarian or vegan meat and milk substitute products enriched with Minerals offer a good possibility of a balanced mineral supply. Meat substitutes based on soya or other vegetable proteins are highly processed products that are ideally suited for enrichment with Minerals during the manufacturing process. They represent a diverse matrix which can be refined as needed.

    According to the Health Claims Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006, highly enriched foods can be labelled with a health claim for the corresponding Mineral. This makes it easier for the consumer to identify foods with added health value.

    The regular intake of food supplements as part of the normal diet can also ensure a sufficient supply of Minerals even if animal products are completely avoided.

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