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    Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate for biopharmaceutical applications also available with low manganese levels

    Our Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate is produced under strict GMP standards and complies with current monographs and compendia (Ph.Eur., USP). For special requirements, we additionally developed a Ferrous Sulfate 7-hydrate with a low Manganese impurity level which is less than 100 ppm.

    Application of our Ferrous Sulfate

    Cell culture media: Ferrous Sulfate serves as a crucial source to fulfill cellular iron requirements, playing a pivotal role in fundamental processes such as cell growth, energy metabolism, and DNA synthesis. The addition of Ferrous Sulfate has shown promising in enhancing cell productivity, showcasing its significance in optimizing biopharmaceutical processes.

    Manganese is an essential trace element for cell cultures, regulating enzymatic reactions in energy metabolism and DNA synthesis. It influences cell proliferation, growth, and differentiation. Maintaining optimal manganese levels is crucial for cellular health, requiring careful dosage and monitoring to avoid toxicity. Excessive Manganese levels can promote undesirable side reactions during upstream processing; therefore, a low Manganese impurity level of raw materials is of great importance. 

    Applications of our Ferrous Sulfate low in Manganese

    Glycosylation control: Glycosylation, as post-translational modification, is indispensable for shaping the structure, functionality, and stability of therapeutic proteins. Glycosylation influences the pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity, and biological activity of these proteins. The specific glycan patterns can impact factors such as protein folding, receptor binding, and overall efficacy. Optimizing and ensuring homogeneous glycosylation is a critical aspect of biopharmaceutical development to ensure the production of safe and effective therapeutic proteins. Manganese [Mn2+], an impurity in Ferrous Sulfate, plays a crucial role as co-factor for several glycosyltransferases in mammalian cells. Therefore, we offer Ferrous Sulfate with a low Manganese level to regulate undesirable glycosylation processes.1 

    1DePalma A. (2015). Glycosylation: The Key to Quality, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 20, 22-24.


    Are you interested in combining two Raw materials into one? 

    We are also able to manufacture a Ferrous Sulfate with a minimum quantity of Manganese to combine both trace elements, Iron and Manganese, in one raw material source, which simplifies your production process.


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