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  • Dr. Paul Lohmann® Encourages Consumers to Focus on Calcium to Benefit Bone Health

    In respect of the World Osteoporosis Day, Dr. Paul Lohmann® is reminding consumers to #StepUpForBoneHealth by adding bone-supporting Calcium in their diet and weight-bearing exercise to their everyday routine.

    Dr. Paul Lohmann® is the globally recognized manufacturer of vital Mineral Salts including a wide range of Calcium Salts.

    Calcium is the healthy bone mineral

    First and foremost, we need Calcium to build and maintain strong bones. About 99 % of the Calcium in our body is stored in the bones and teeth. It is the mineral that makes them hard and strong. For other vital functions the remaining 1 % is used to keep our heart beating, muscles moving or nerve cells carrying messages between the brain and the body. There is no life without Calcium.

    Calcium can be of benefit added to foods and nutritional supplements

    The most important mineral for our bones, Calcium, is contained mostly in dairy products. People avoiding, being allergic or intolerant to dairy products and not taking any Calcium supplements or foods enriched with high value Calcium Salts, can be calcium-deficient and are at higher risk of osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis again are at high risk of bone fractures, especially in the wrist, hip and spine.

    Children need Calcium to build strong bones. Adults need Calcium to maintain strong bones.

    The amount of Calcium that we need, changes at different stages of life. As bones are constantly being remodeled every day a sufficient supply is vital. In children, the body builds new bone faster than it breaks down old bone, leading to an increase of total bone mass. As we age, bones are broken down at a faster rate than it is built and the body's ability to absorb Calcium decreases, which is one of the reasons older people need higher amounts of Calcium in their diet. Over time, inadequate Calcium intake can cause osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease.

    Our Spotlight on the immense global burden, caused by osteoporosis

    Worldwide, one in three women and one in five men aged 50 years and over will suffer an osteoporotic fracture.1 Fractures caused by osteoporosis can be life-threatening and a major cause of pain and long-term disability, entailing a decreased quality of life and the loss of independence.

    The World Osteoporosis Day gives us the opportunity to unite, to put the spotlight on the immense global burden, caused by Osteoporosis. The treatment and research results of the last years show how osteoporosis can be prevented and treated. Key factors are a healthy diet with adequate nutrients such as Calcium or vitamin D3, a healthy lifestyle with abstinence from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and regular physical activity with weight bearing. Let us spread the word about the importance of building strong bones! It is never too early or too late to improve bone health.

    Calcium has been considered crucial in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

    Dr. Paul Lohmann® offers a wide range of Calcium Salts suitable for food fortification, food supplements and especially as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) against calcium deficiency.

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