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  • Boost your plant-based Milk Alternatives with Calcium

    The latest dietary guidelines of the German society of nutrition (DGE) recommend a diet which consist of more than 75 % of plant-based food and almost 25 % animal-based products. 

    The guidelines suggest limiting the consumption of meat, reduce the consumption of dairy products. Dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese can be replaced with plant-based alternatives as long as sufficient Calcium intake is ensured.

    Various plant products such as almonds, soybeans, peas, rice, and oats can be used to make plant-based dairy alternatives. While these alternatives offer many health benefits due to their low fat and cholesterol content, they lack Calcium compared to dairy products. Improving the nutrient profile of dairy alternatives by adding highly bioavailable Minerals is a viable option. Fortifying these alternatives with Calcium is crucial to meet daily requirements, especially for pregnant and lactating women, growing children, and seniors at risk of deficiency.

    We have evaluated Calcium Salts for different plant-based milk alternatives and offer a wide selection of high-quality options. Our experts can help you choose the ideal Calcium Salt for your specific product needs, ensuring optimal nutritional value and consumer satisfaction. Trust us for tailored recommendations and support in formulation.


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