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  • Lohtragon® Brand Launch: Competence in Metal Salts

    New brand launch of Dr. Paul Lohmann® – Lohtragon® for dedicated metal salt competences.

    Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH & Co. KGaA synergizes its high performance metal salt range for industrial applications under the new Lohtragon® brand. Lohtragon® will be established as the first choice for metal salt competence in the industrial market environment.

    Lohtragon® stands for unique competences in manufacturing, optimizing and developing metal salts, providing solutions for various customer challenges. The brand leverages the Dr. Paul Lohmann® manufacturing expertise of over 135 years and is designed to meet the specific requirements for industrial market segments.

    The Lohtragon® portfolio consists of roughly 60 metal salts. These products are the starting point for individual product optimizations with regard to chemical and physical parameters and nearly endless options for new combinations, both based on specific customer needs. For existing customers, their established product qualities remain fully available.


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