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    Magnesium Carbonate is versatile and fulfills various functions in cosmetics

    Dr. Paul Lohmann® offers a highly pure Magnesium Carbonate in various bulk densities, which is registered under REACH and can be used in cosmetics for functional reasons. Since Magnesium Carbonate acts as an absorbent, binder, bulking agent, anti-caking agent, stabilizer for bleaching agents and opacifying agent, it is used in a variety of personal care products, such as:

    • Hair care: stabilizer of peroxide in hair bleaching and powdered shampoo
    • Skin care: cosmetic powder formulations, creams and Baby Lotions
    • Body care: deodorants/anti-perspirants

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    DPL Cosmetic Grade

    For our Magnesium Carbonate light, we have established DPL cosmetic grade characterized by

    • Ph.Eur. grade
    • Microbiological limits according to ISO 17516:2014  
    • Extra low heavy metal limits according to ICH Q3D

    In addition to our Magnesium Carbonate light, we offer it in various bulk densities and grades, including USP, FCC and E no. 

    We guarantee a high level of batch-to-batch consistency and reliability along the entire supply chain and our technical experts support you at any time to select the most suitable product form and quality. 


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    General Characteristics of Magnesium Carbonate

    CAS no. 12125-28-9
    Formula 4MgCO3Mg(OH)2 * 5H2O
    Quality Ph.Eur. | USP | Ph.France | FCC | E 504(ii) | Food supplement | LomaWhite | chem. pure
    INCI no. 1522
    Bulk density approx. 120 - approx. 500 g/l
    Metal content approx. 25 % Mg
    pH (1 %) approx. 10
    Solubility (20 °C) - -
    Odor neutral 
    Flavor sandy, neutral
    Storage conditions Keep well closed, dry and at room temperature
    Retest period 36 months
    ++ > 100 g/l  |  +  10 - 100 g/l  |  −  1 - 10 g/l  |  −−  < 1 g/l
    The solubility specified here was measured in water. The solubility is influenced by many factors in the application.
    Benefits of Magnesium Carbonate
    Compliance with European legislation on ingredients for the cosmetic industry
    REACH registered
    NOI statement
    Data for CSAR, COSMOS and ECOCERT

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