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    Calcium Citrate Malate for better bones. This unique Calcium Salt offers higher bioavailability and an easy to use solution for consumers. Calcium Citrate Malate made by Dr. Paul Lohmann® is ideal for nutritional supplements and food fortification.
    Calcium Citrate Malate

    Our Calcium Citrate Malate is highly bioavailable, meaning it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. It is known for its superior absorption compared to other forms of Calcium. It supports effectively bone health in women and men without increasing the risk of kidney stones.

    Calcium Citrate Malate combats osteoporosis best in combination with Vitamin D and it also has no impact on availability or status of trace elements such as Iron and Zinc. Furthermore, this high quality mineral salt is suitable for consumers with insufficient gastric acid secretion or those taking acid blockers. It is an excellent choice for nutritional supplements and compatible in many food systems.

    Calcium Citrate Malate by Dr Paul Lohmann® is a reacted molecule with 22 % Calcium. The fine granular grade is ideal for various applications including tablets, capsules and powder blends. The product is suitable for vegans, GMO-free, allergen-free, Halal and Kosher certified and made in Germany.

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    General Characteristics of Calcium Citrate Malate

    CAS no. 142606-53-9
    Formula Ca6(C6H5O7)2(C4H4O5)
    Quality EFSA
    Metal content approx. 22 % Ca
    Retest period 24 months
    Storage conditions keep well closed, protected against light, dry and at room temperature
    pH (1 %) approx. 6
    Solubility (20 °C) - -
    Odor neutral 
    Flavor neutral
    ++ > 100 g/l  |  +  10 - 100 g/l  |  −  1 - 10 g/l  |  −−  < 1 g/l
    The solubility specified here was measured in water. The solubility is influenced by many factors in the application.
    Benefits of Calcium Citrate Malate
    Highly bioavailable
    Combats osteoporosis
    No increased risk for kidney stones
    Good comptability

    Your Manufacturing Expert for Tailor-Made Mineral Salts

    Dr. Paul Lohmann® is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of high value Mineral Salts for the food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical industry. Since 1886, a high level of flexibility and an innovative spirit enables Dr. Paul Lohmann® to respond to changing needs. Customers can profit from the broadest available portfolio of high value Minerals, with more than 400 products in a range of qualities, designed to provide optimum performance across a wide range of applications.

    In the GMP and FSSC 22000 certified facilities, Mineral Salts are produced at quality levels stipulated by pharmacopoeias, regulatory food guidelines or tailored according to customers’ specifications. Dr. Paul Lohmann® also carries out product and application development in close cooperation with customers. This includes the adaptation of chemical and physical parameters such as bulk density, wettability, particle size, purity or pH-value.

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