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    Your Lohtragon® Efficiency Booster for Metal Surface Treatment

    Complexing agents, buffers, conductivity enhancers, and more

    Tuesday 26th September 2023   10-11 a.m. CET


    Lohtragon® Metal Salts for Surface Treatment: The Sustainable Approach to Enhance Performance 

    Lohtragon® metal salts are widely used in chemical surface treatment applications. During our webinar, our speakers will dive deeper into dedicated products, their functions and benefits: 

    • Our complexing agents, buffers, conductivity enhancers, and more for optimum performances  
    • High purity Lohtragon® metal salts for sensitive electroless plating processes
    • Sustainability advantages of aqueous solutions: comparing solids to its solutions 
    • Lohtragon® competences leading to your added value
    • And more

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    Dr. António Neto
    Account Manager Industrial Applications
    Andrea Kanzler
    Sustainability Manager
    Melissa Wlost
    Sales Performance Manager

    Within the company since 2010, he is in charge of our industrial customers worldwide, including the metal surface treatment applications. He will share his extensive technical expertise and discuss the benefits of our Lohtragon® metal salt booster. 

    Driving sustainability forward covering sustainable approaches for our raw materials, production, packaging and logistics: our speaker, Andrea, for sustainability efforts in metal surface applications.

    Creating Lohtragon® brand awareness: our speaker, Melissa, introducing you to the Lohtragon® metal salt competences, while moderating the webinar and the Q&A session. 


    We look forward to the webinar and the exchange with you!


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    The information given in the webinar corresponds to our current knowledge. We disclaim any liability with regard to the suitability of our products for a particular purpose or application or their compatibility with other substances. Tests have to be performed by the customer who also bears the risk in this respect. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use our products in conflict with third parties' rights.

    The webinar slides, incl. videos and other materials, are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of these materials is prohibited. 


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